Fishing repots from some of the UK’s top fisheries such as Rutland, Carsington & Grafham show it’s not easy out there just now! With the cold temperatures, fishing has been tough for some! With this in mind we’ve put together some flies you need in your box to conquer these waters on your next trip!

Fly In Focus - BWO!

Trout are currently going bonkers for this fly! The perfect dubbing to tie it too!

There’s a small olive coloured upwing species that despite its tiny size, causes quite a stir with trout on warm summer evenings. We’re talking about the Blue Winged Olive BWO) On rivers and streams across the UK this wee fly is causing quite a stir with trout lining up to grab this in demand meal!

Mayfly Fishing Tips

The mayfly period might well be referred to as ‘Duffer’s Fortnight’ when apparently all the trout in our waters throw caution to the wind and feed greedily on mayflies. However there are periods when trout become bewilderingly tricky. This usually occurs in the early days when fish that have previously been eating tiny morsels such as midges and black gnats feel a little intimidated, or outfaced by the sheer size of adult mayflies. That said, once trout get a taste for mayflies they really do ‘lock on’

Stories From The River With Phillippa Hake

Phillippa Hake went out to explore a local urban river and was greeted with some great dry fly sport! It was great to arrive at the banks of the river to see good numbers of olives hatching off and the fish going bonkers for them as they fluttered down stream! It was the first time this season I‘ve arrived at the river and thought, oh we’re in for a treat today! This particular river I was fishing on this day is only small but is home to some of the most stunning wild brown trout! I feel very lucky to have such great wild trout fishing on my door step. With typical sized brown trout and the odd surprise thrown in, Keep reading for a small insight to my most recent outing!

Tapered leaders are a must for fly anglers, especially for dry fly fishing. They make casting a single dry fly much easier than using a level length of tippet, helping the fly turn over and be presented the best it can! With the many different brands, lengths and breaking strains, for beginners, choosing the one for their needs can be a difficult task!

How To Tie The Orange Blob

Working alongside the Semperfli Gold and Silver Fleck Chenilles Semperfli have been working on other colour blends of chenilles that attract fish. Since the release of their Gold and Silver Fleck they have been using a new Copper Fleck in their Copper Tinsel Fleck 15mm, It produces stunning flies and has less ‘flash’ which can occasionally put fish off biting. With a more subtle copper flash we have found fish loving this chenille. Use as bodies of streamers, large fly patterns, Humungous or even blob fly patterns. Available on a multicard too!

Which Fly Box?

As all round anglers here at The Essential Fly we know how important it is for anglers to keep their winning flies safe and sound out of the elements! With this in mind we’ve chosen our top three fly boxes that will have you covered weather you’re a predator, stillwater or river angler!

River Fishing In November

It’s safe to say we’ve had a lot of rain over the last few weeks! We’re all itching to get out and get our grayling season off to a strong start! With this in mind we want to give you the maximum chance of getting some grayling into your net when the rivers become safe and fishable again!

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Cooler Temperatures & Fishing On Stillwaters

A drop in temperatures often puts an edge on the trout’s appetite as they prepare for winter. Obviously, trout will target fry and baitfish at this time of year as they represent a protein rich return for fish. That said, trout are extremely opportunistic and quick to take advantage of certain food sources available to them at anytime.

Fly In Focus - Diawl Bach

Diawl Bach in Welsh means ‘Little Devil’ and whilst the original Diawl Bach is devilish deadly these days we have many variants that are equally lethal. The original Diawl Bach simply consisted of a red game tail and beard hackle with the peacock herl body.

Top Ten Grayling Flies!

I’m often asked what flies are best for grayling. It’s always a tricky question to answer as much depends on where you fish the conditions and of course, what insects might be activity. That said, a quick glance at my fly box reveals more of certain patterns. Here’s what I consider my most important flies for grayling though they are not listed in an order of preference.

As the of another trout season draws to a close, those keen to continue swinging a rod, turn to grayling fishing through the winter months. Although grayling have the same spawning period as other coarse fish they obviously come into season on June 16th. However, most anglers still have their heads full of trout at this time and rarely switch to grayling proper until after September 30th.

Back To The Day Shift

With the nights drawing in and the sun sinking ever lower, evening temperatures take a dip now, which often sees insects and trout revert back to day time feeding habits. Gone then are those warm evenings when we never made a cast until the light faded and these are replaced by more sociable ‘office hour’ activities for us.

Which Fly Tying Thread?

Once upon a time, many moons ago…I guess those tying flies were pretty much restricted to one type of thread, or silk known as Pearsall’s, which in fact was not developed for tying flies, but nonetheless, it was fit for purpose. Of course, over time, threads have been developed with the specific idea of fly tying in mind, giving us modern day fly-tiers a wide range of threads, for various applications. Those new to fly tying often find the different thread types confusing and that’s before we even begin to discuss thread thickness, or denier, which we’ll discuss in the next newsletter. Outlined here are a selection of thread types we might choose and their various applications.

Not so many moons ago, when I was a lad, you attached a tapered leader to your fly line using only the nail knot. As secure and seamless as this connection was, it remained a permanent fixture, so you were pretty much stuck with the leader of your choice on your floating line, regardless of what method you might wish to fish.

Tippet Tips!

There’s no question, lighter outfits protect finer tippets that in turn vastly improve presentation because they allow our flies a greater degree of freedom. As a rough guide, the tippet strength can be match to that of the rod line rating. For example, a 5-weight rod marries up to a 5lb tippet where as a 6-weight rod might use a 6lb tippet. Of course these rules aren’t chiseled in stone and we must remember trial and error is the route to success

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