Trout Barbless Flies

Barbless trout fly patterns in dry, wet and streamer patterns. Tied to Partridge & Veniard hooks in deadly fly patterns, well tied & excellent value. Click here & see why


Trout Barbless Flies - Barbless Fly Patterns

Many fisheries and clubs now insist that fly fishermen use barbless hooks or crimped barbs when fly fishing. Crimping barbs down still leaves a hump from the crushed barb, our specially tied patterns on barbless hooks avoid this problem. Our ranges of barbless flies are made with top quality hooks, for dries we use Partridge SLD and SUD.

With stunning new river fly patterns, lures, buzzers and nymphs you will find barbless fly patterns that are perfect for your fishing needs. Keep the tension and barbless flies will hold fish, let the line loose and the hook simply slips from the fish's mouth.

Barbless Fly Patterns