Hatch Charts For UK Rivers & Stillwaters


The Essential Fly Hatch Charts For Rivers & Stillwaters

Every month we publish details hatch charts to help you understand what is expected to hatch on rivers and stillwaters and what flies to use to mimic them. With this valuable information we hope that you will be even better prepared for that fly fishing trip.

These hatch charts have taken lots of time to put together so are accessible only by customers who have purchased from The Essential Fly recently. We have customers raving about the value of the information contained in these hatch charts.

Each month the new password for that months hatch chart is sent by email to registered customers only.

Cosmin Antonie
12 May 2014  |  2:11

Excellent info for all fly fisher!

10 July 2017  |  11:03

Glad you like it. We try hard!

Ian Springett
07 September 2015  |  20:20

please forward me passwords for the hatch charts. I am a regular customer

10 July 2017  |  11:04

Hi Iam, the hatch charts are available monthly to customers through your login

12 September 2015  |  20:07

What an excellent idea and great offer to fly fishers throughout the UZk

12 September 2015  |  20:08

What an excellent idea and great offer to fly fishers throughout the UK

Leslie Cowan
18 October 2015  |  21:21

Grateful for any info on hatches .

Alan Sandom
13 March 2016  |  20:25

Thanks another brilliant piece of advice.

10 July 2017  |  11:04

Thanks Alan, we try hard! We know how difficult it was to ge advice when we first started fly fishing.

Tim Weaver
10 September 2016  |  15:52

Fantastic website for up to date fly fishing imformation

Andy Kitchener
12 September 2016  |  10:32

Thanks everyone we do try hard!

Paul Raeburn
15 May 2017  |  20:59

I received the first hatch chart when I registered, however not received any since March...

Geoff Robinson
02 June 2017  |  15:15

I am a newbe to trout fishing and any info regarding what fly to use (hatches) would be very useful. Have I missed the email notifying these hatch diaries??

Lee Bannister
11 June 2017  |  20:40

Hi all.
I would like to register for your hatch chart, can you advise how I do this please.
Many thanks

22 June 2017  |  20:11

Sounds good as I am a beginner

Brian Lodge
03 July 2017  |  16:23

This information is essential for flyfishing please will you send the password for the charts thankyou

John Cash
18 January 2018  |  13:30

Have purchased from essential fly many times over the years and have always got great value for money.

Peter Boatwright
19 April 2018  |  12:30

Start my first day of the season on the 25th on the R Test of April hope it arrives in time

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