How To Tie The Orange Blob

Tie or Buy! The easiest trout magnet fly you’ll ever tie! Follow these simple steps to tie the Orange Blob!

Working alongside the Semperfli Gold and Silver Fleck Chenilles Semperfli have been working on other colour blends of chenilles that attract fish. Since the release of their Gold and Silver Fleck they have been using a new Copper Fleck in their Copper Tinsel Fleck 15mm, It produces stunning flies and has less ‘flash’ which can occasionally put fish off biting. With a more subtle copper flash we have found fish loving this chenille. Use as bodies of streamers, large fly patterns, Humungous or even blob fly patterns. Available on a multicard too!

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Tying a Very Simple Orange Blob

materials -

Hook - Size 10 Wet Hook

Thread - Semperfli Classic Waxed Thread Red 12/0

Body - Semperfli Holographic Copper Fleck 15mm Chenille

Varnish - Veniard No,1 Clear Celire

Step 1

 Mount a hook in your vice and begin thread wraps. Trim away the waste piece of thread.

Step 2 

Take touching turns down the hook shank to just before the bend of the hook.

Step 3

Strip the fibres of the Holographic Fleck Chenille so the core is exposed.

Step 4

Use the core to catch in for a clean start to the fly.

Step 5

Start making tight wraps of the chenille around the hook. Go all the way to the eye of the hook. secure in place and trim the waste piece off.

Step 6

Use your thread to create a small head on the fly, Whip finish and apply a drop of varnish to secure the fly.

Sit back and admire your work! Well done for tying yourself a blob fly! Why not send in your fly pics! We would love to see your creations! Don’t tie? 

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