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With so many materials available to the fly tyer we hope to offer advice inspiration and techniques to further your ideas, skills and ambition.

We are often asked about colour shasdes and how much they vary between manufacturers, especially on Wires.

Here you can see a collation of our most popular wire manufacturers, matched by colour (the closest match possible anyway) and photographed outside on a sunny day as studio light can alter the visible colour as well as computer screen variation in pixels.

Affordable Fly Tying Materials

Top Fly Tying Materials That Won’t Break The Bank! Remember, we only recommend what we use ourselves! If you don't tie, don't worry, our top fly recommendations are here too! Often described like “kids in a sweet shop” it can be a fly tyers paradise scouring the internet for fly tying materials. Now that’s all good and well, if you know what you need and what you're looking at! However for novice fly tyers it can be a daunting task at picking out the right materials. This is where we, your good friends at The Essential Fly come in. We’ve hand picked some of the hottest fly tying materials that are taking the world by storm. And the best bit? All at affordable prices! Keep scrolling to see the materials you need to start your fly tying adventure!

There are many hook manufacturers who each name their hooks something different to be unique. How are you supposed to know what hooks are a suitable alternative?

We have combined traditional companies that we all know and love with some of the newer modern companies so you know which hooks are suitable for your flies.

New catalogue, new materials and plenty of hits, tips and advise from Semperfli and their Pro Team. The photos of the flies are astounding real works of art! Even if you are not into tying flies yourself looking at the 'magazine' style catalogue can inspire you.

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