Fly Fishing Rods - What Are Fast Action Fly Rod Benefits?

What You Need To Know About Fast Action Rods

Because of the fly rod's rigidity this  makes fast action fly rods more powerful than slower action fly rods. The increase in power means that the fly fisherman with a fast action fly rod can cast a fly line a longer distance than slow and medium action fly fishing rods will permit. The stiffness of the fast action fly rod helps generate tension from the fly line during the back-cast to enable the flyline to be loaded and subsequently fly forward more rapidly achieving a longer cast. The additional speed of the fly line allows more line to be held up during the cast as well as enabling that line to be cast a greater distance than slower action fly rods.

Another benefit is that fast action fly rods are usually also designed to facilitate landing bigger fish. A stiff fly rod makes the act of landing really large fish much easier. Due to the rod's stiffness it will make it much easier to overpower fish. Some fly fishermen say it is less fun as a fast action rod will not flex the same way a softer action fly rod does. However getting fish landed more rapidly aids to reduce fish stress and potential damage.

So let us discuss the key advantages and disadvantages that a fast action fly rod gives a fly angler.



    As a result of the high line speed generated by fast action fly fishing rods, casting in windy weather is much simpler and more effective using a fast action fly rod.
    A fisherman can cast further - A fast action fly rod is ideal where the angler needs to make consistently long distance casts.
    It is better at fighting large fish - A fast action fly rod makes it much Simpler, and more rapid, to land very large fish.
    The stiffness of fast action fly rods allow for very fast casts regularly wanted by advanced fly fishermen since more casts could allow more potential fish to be caught.


    A fast action fly rod could be a issue when stalking wary fish in small spring creeks as fly fishermen generally need to make short casts. Due to the fact fast action rods lack the flexibility of slow action fly rods they are more difficult to cast when you needs very short casts. Fast action fly fishing rods are built for long, powerful casts - not short, confined casts.
    because of its rigidity a fast action fly fishing rod is usually not the ideal fly rod when fly fishing for wary trout on light tippets. The rigidity of the fly rod puts greater strain on the tippet instead of absorbing some of the strain as slower action fly rods can. Consequently, if you need to use really light tippets for cautious trout, a fast action fly rod is not a great choice.
    For new fly fishermen, a fast action fly rod will have a more difficult learning curve. Because of the speed of the fly line, new fly fishermen often find fast action fly rods more difficult to control than slower action rods. Often, new fly fishermen may feel frustrated as many of their casts will not go where planned.


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