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Treat Your Flies Right!

Accessories and kit you need to up your dry fly game this trout season!

When dry fly fishing it’s essential your fly is behaving and presented how it should be to maximise your chances of fooling a trout to take your dry fly! In this newsletter we’re going to take a look at what you need to help keep them flies where they should be!

Understand The Mayfly!

Perhaps the most celebrated period for us fly fishers’ is the month of May when we prepare ourselves for the arrival of mayflies. Appearing from the middle of May and through to early June, Mayflies are our largest and most graceful upwing species. The sight of the first mayfly of the season never fails to excite and is something both trout and angler revere.

Fins On Buzzers


Paul Procter follows on form his previous newsletter and talks all things emerging and adult buzzers Including his top fly patterns and fishing tips!

In our last Newsletter we discussed the pupal (pupa) and larval (bloodworm) stage of buzzers. Here, we’ll look at the emerging buzzer and the winged adult. Granted, the pupa stage of buzzers is extremely susceptible to trout, but the emerging pupa is perhaps even more vulnerable.

Top Tips On Tapered Leaders

Paul Procter's Top Tips About Tapered Leaders!
Including all the information you need about tapered leaders. River and lake recommended leader lengths.
Not so long ago, fly fishers’ used level lengths of monofilament as leaders, which were referred to as ‘casts’. These worked well enough when using three flies on short levels of mono, like a team of wets positioned some three feet apart, as the flies provided sufficient impetus to generate turn-over. However, when it came to delivering a single fly on leaders of more than 8ft there were definite problems, especially if the imitation in question was small and wispy.

Buzzer Bonanza

Paul Procter brings you all you need to know for early season buzzer fishing Including Paul's top buzzer picks, leader lengths and how to fish them!
There’s no question buzzers (chironomids) form the cornerstone of our fishing on stillwaters. This is especially true during spring when daytime hatches of the humble buzzer are more prevalent and of course, trout are keen to pack on weight.

Fly In Focus - March Brown

Fly In Focus - March Brown. Paul Procter talks all things March Browns, methods to fish them and fly choices to fool them fish! The fabled March Brown is considered by many as one of our most icon upwing flies. And whilst they don’t occur everywhere, they are one of the first upwings we experience during the opening weeks of a trout season. Naturally, as their common name implies they appear during the month of March. That said, some of the best hatches are often experienced throughout April.

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Tie or Buy - March Brown

The doors to the Trout season are mostly all open and we are all itching for some dry fly activity Whilst hatches can be sparse, if you find your self in a the midst of a hatch you could be in for a good session! It's worth mentioning that whilst we would all like some early season dry fly sport dont dismiss March Brown Nymphs in between hatches as these can bring some seriously good sport too!

Prime Time For Pike!

As many of you will be aware the coarse fishing season officially closes at midnight on March 14th. However as we edge closer to March, Pike in particular will be in prime condition now. This allows those who care to pursue them a last fling before the season concludes. In fact, Pike have become something of a cult species amongst fly fishers and with good reason too as not are they only obliging, pike can be sought on rivers, lakes, reservoirs and even canals, which means it’s likely somewhere close to you will be a water containing them.

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