Introduction To Caddis Flies - Advice For the Fly Fisherman

As ever in this blog we will keep returning to the subject of fly fishing flies. Itís a large, fascinating subject, and itís as well to learn as much as you can about their entomology, behaviour, habitat and habits as part of your fly fishing arsenal. Knowing as much as you can about the real insects also helps you select the perfect artificial flies for different angling expeditions under a wide range of conditions. Today we will look specifically at Caddis Flies

Haching caddis often scuttle across the surface of he water drying their wings trying to get airborne. It is this that is imitated with the jerk and pause retrieves. Imagine the speed of the sedge on the water, that is what you must imitate. Find out more about caddis in lifecycles in this bog article.

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