Our Range Of Fly Fishing Flies

Best quality fly patterns with award winning worldwide delivery. We have flies for salmon, trout, pike, sea bass and all species of fish caught by fly fishermen. Our range is backed by award winning customer service and great delivery and prices.

Quality Flies

We believe in the production of high quality flies, not cheap flies that fall to bits after a few casts. We have thousands of reviews from fly fishermen world-wide, don't take our word for it, check the reviews by customers.

Diversity of Fly Patterns

Fly fishing is becoming more diverse, fly fishermen are now not just targeting trout on rivers and lakes and resorting to grayling in winter. Fishermen have enjoyed exotic holidays and desired species like Tarpon and Bonefish however even domestic species are becoming bigger targets for the flies, with carp providing super sport in USA and UK, Pike as stunning predators and obviously species like sea bass becoming targeted more by the fly the choice of fishing flies is endless. At The Essential Fly we stock a massive range for most species, we have even caught many of them from Perch to Golden Mahseer! See our flies related blog posts here



Trout Fishing Flies

Salmon Fishing Flies

Whether you fish in Scotland, Iceland or Canada we have some stunning salmon flies available from dry bombers to tube flies, traditional salmon fly patterns to modern hairwings. Check the full range of salmon fishing flies here

Specialist Fishing Flies

Check our pages if you are interested in tackle and gear for specific types of fish species, we have sections for trout, salmon, saltwater and pike fly fishing,

Many companies make cheap flies, we believe in value for money and the production of quality flies with top range hooks from manufacturers including Partridge & Mustad. Cheap trout flies will fall apart, our flies last and deliver value to you wherever you are in the world.