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There are a huge range of fly tying hooks available for the fly tyer. Of course different target species like salmon or grayling need different hooks. A salmon hook needs to be much stronger than a delicate grayling fly tying hook. We then look at trout and there are different hooks depending on the type of fly we are tying. For example streamer hooks are perfect for fish imitations but for nymphs and bug you may want a standard wet fly  hook or jig hook to help bounce your fly along the bottom of a river bed. Each manufacturer has different hooks and part numbering systems so to help check our hook comparison chart for guidance.

So thinking about hook usage in fly tying:

  • dry fly hooks for adams or olive dry flies. These have fine wire which with the correct dubbing, will float your dry fly to that waiting trout or grayling
  • nymph hooks for pheasant tails, these hooks are generally straight with larger gape
  • scud hooks for shrimps these have curved shanks to imitate that curved body of the shrimp
  • lure hooks or streamer hooks for flies reservoirs lures and
  • specialist hooks like sedge hooks to replicate the body of a sedge or are superb for tying rhyacophilla, bloodworm or other nymphs

Please use our range selector on the left hand side to refine to the type of hooks you would like to drill down to the hooks required for your fly tying needs.

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Ahrex Hr431 Tube Single Barbless #8 Fly Tying Hooks
Ahrex Hr431 Tube Single Barbless #8 Fly Tying Hooks
Partridge Barbless Klinkhamer Hook Size 14 Trout Fly Tying Hooks
Partridge of Redditch
Partridge Barbless Klinkhamer Hook Size 14 Trout Fly Tying Hooks
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Fly tying hooks from Kamasan, Umpqua, Loop, Mustad & more. Umpqua packs include 50 hooks! Great quality world-wide delivery. Fly tying hooks come in different lengths and thicknesses as well as different sizes according to the fly being tied.



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