Fly Tying Thread Blog Posts

Fly Tying Thread Blog Posts

GSP Fly Tying Threads

Multiple ultra fine strands of plastic are extruded and gently twisted together to make gsp threads. Because of the gentle twist GSP fly tying threads are amazingly simple to split and insert dubbing or forming dubbing loops with absolutely no build up when you are tying your fishing fly. GSP threads are slippy by nature but tying in and looping over itself of simply applying some wax to the initial thread loops very quickly overcomes this slippy material. What is fantastic is the gsp threads strength. An example is Semperfli Nano Silk which is a GSP thread which is 10 times stronger than the same diameter stainless steel. It is virtually impossible to break GSP threads and because the thread is a fraction of the diameter of traditional threads means that there is no build up of regardless of how many you times you loop the hook.

What are GSP Threads Made From?

Made from gel spun polyethylene gsp threads are often 10x stronger than steel of the same diameter and the strongest material for fly tying threads available today. The manufacturing process is like making spaghetti, thin plastic is extruded until it extremely thin then it is cooled and twisted together to form the gsp thread used by fly tyers worldwide.


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