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Trout Dry Patterns

Trout Dry Flies

From Olives to Caenis, Mayfly to midges & other trout dry flies. We have lots of trout fly patterns to match natural dries. See why thousands of fly fishermen worldwide use The Essential Fly


Trout Dry Patterns

The trout dry fly is used floating on rivers & stillwaters. Fished on a tapered leader for good turnover and presentation it is one of the best forms of fly fishing. Watching the dry fly gently taken from the surface is one of the most exciting moments of our sport. We have one of the largest selections of micro dry flies available and don't forget to check our hatch charts available to registered users.

Dries (except cdc based flies) are typically greased using floatants such Gink to help them float. CDC (Cul De Canard) fly patterns have ultra fine barbules in the cdc that help trap air to make the flies float. Check our blog post on treating dry flies here.

The flies we are trying to imitate have different hatch times through the year, Mayflies are synonymous with Duffers Fortnight (in June!) Large Dark Olives hatch all year but Caenis hatches in July to September. We produce monthly hatch charts for registered users showing you what hatches are anticipated and what flies will "match the hatch".

Dry Patterns

Dry flies match naturals that are found around our lakes, rivers and lochs. Find out more in our blog here:

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