Essentials For The Season Ahead

Essentials For The Season Ahead

The new season is creeping up on us! Are you ready? We use these essentials ourself! 

1 - Snips

Every fly angler needs a pair of snips on their vest. Granted you can go all out and grab a fancy pair but if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend loads. These can often be picked up for a few pounds!

 2 - Floatant & Sinkant

We’re all keen to get casting some dry flies when the trout season lands with us soon! It’s important to treat your flies and leaders properly to achieve the best possible presentation! There are many floatants on the market, however a simple gel floatant like gink or Loon Aquel will do the job just fine. Treating your leader with sinkant will remove any shine and help your leader to cut through the surface of the water. Making it almost invisible and less likely to spook feeding trout

Browse All Floatant & Sinkant Here!

3 - Forceps

Always carry a pair of forceps when out fishing, especially when catch and release fishing! They come in extremely handy when a fish is hooked deep. Another advantage of having a good pair of forceps is when only allowed to fish barbless or de-barbed hooks you can flatten the barb at the waters edge!

4 - Line Straightener

We’ve all been there! Your first trip out and your new tapered leader has some curles in it! Simply running your leader through a line straightener will have this problem fixed in no time and you’ll be ready to fish! 

5 - Tippet Rings

There are many ways of connecting your leaders and tippet together. For some anglers they swear by using tippet rings and they sure do carry many benefits. Prolonging the life span of your tapered leaders being up there as you simply knot one onto the end of the leader meaning you’re not shortening the length of the leader what so ever.

6 - Vest Lanyard

Like to travel light on your fishing adventures and don’t want to carry a bulky bag all day? We highly recommend a very lanyard like the Loon Outdoors one here! Simply clip on all your vest essentials and have them close to hand at all times for easy access!

7 - Treat Yourself To a New Fly Box!

Keep your valuable flies safe with the Greys Water Resistance Fly Box!

  • New vertical style slotted foam rows
  • water resistant seal
  • black colour
  • holds up to 237 flies
  • Dimensions 19.5cm x 11cm x 4.5cm
  • Weighs 196g

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