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Tapered leaders are a must for fly anglers, especially for dry fly fishing. They make casting a single dry fly much easier than using a level length of tippet, helping the fly turn over and be presented the best it can! With the many different brands, lengths and breaking strains, for beginners, choosing the one for their needs can be a difficult task!

Which Fly Box?

As all round anglers here at The Essential Fly we know how important it is for anglers to keep their winning flies safe and sound out of the elements! With this in mind we’ve chosen our top three fly boxes that will have you covered weather you’re a predator, stillwater or river angler!

Treat Your Flies Right!

Accessories and kit you need to up your dry fly game this trout season!

When dry fly fishing it’s essential your fly is behaving and presented how it should be to maximise your chances of fooling a trout to take your dry fly! In this newsletter we’re going to take a look at what you need to help keep them flies where they should be!

Top Tips On Tapered Leaders

Paul Procter's Top Tips About Tapered Leaders!
Including all the information you need about tapered leaders. River and lake recommended leader lengths.
Not so long ago, fly fishers’ used level lengths of monofilament as leaders, which were referred to as ‘casts’. These worked well enough when using three flies on short levels of mono, like a team of wets positioned some three feet apart, as the flies provided sufficient impetus to generate turn-over. However, when it came to delivering a single fly on leaders of more than 8ft there were definite problems, especially if the imitation in question was small and wispy.

Your Ultimate Fly Fishing Check List

As anglers we all have one aim, to catch fish! were going to simplify things for you and highlight the key bits of kit you're going to need to get the most out of your days fishing!

So, you've got your waders, rod, reel, line and flies but you now need to choose what your going to carry your essentials in when you go fishing! Weather that be a waistcoat, rucksack, chest or hip pack.

There's one problem with them? They have that many pockets we have to fill them all with gear! which, in turn leaves you frantically searching for that one thing you need!

Lets break it down and de-bulk what you take out on the water so you can get your flies in the water faster!

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