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Wading is an almost essential part of fly fishing, especially on rivers when we can be wading knee deep searching for grayling or waist deep chasing that illusive salmon or trout. Extreme care should be taken, indeed we would recommend that you have a wading staff to help you keep your balance and check the depth as you wade and use an automatic life jacket where possible for safety. Waders are available in different forms, breathable, neoprene and rubber, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Breathable Waders

These waders are ideal for fishing! With the fabric that enables you to fish without getting too hot!, Under your breathable waders you will wear undergarments or even jeans and a shirt! Even in winter breathable waders are excellent to wear and you simply add more layers under your waders to keep warm. Layering up with breathable waders means that your investment will be protected and you can use these all year from the hottest summer day to the depths of winter chasing grayling.

Neoprene Waders

Strong and insulated these keep you warm in the coldest water with their thick layer of neoprene for warmth. Typically Neoprene is used for warmth but has the added advantage of floatability. The small air bubbles trapped in the neoprene help to float the waders. In summer neoprene waders can ge very hot but they always have the benefit of providing buoyancy.



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