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Paul Proctor Advice on vices you need to know!

Paul Proctor Advice on vices you need to know! With the dawning of a new year, our thoughts often turn to topping up our fly boxes. There’ll be those too who are even thinking of embarking on the wonderful journey of tying their own flies! Naturally the first thing to considered is a fly tying vice, which firmly holds the hook whilst we create our imitations.

For beginners the choice can be bewildering to say the least. Here’s our lowdown on a vice to suit all pockets and abilities. There’s no point in spending hundreds of pounds on your first vice and depending on the style of fishing you do (i.e. salmon fishing, or trout fishing), your requirements from a vice will be very different. Equally, as individuals, we all tie flies slightly differently that will see our demands on a vice vary. For those investing in their first vice then, it needn’t cost a fortune. A fixed head (one that doesn’t rotate), with a fixed jaw angle is absolutely fine to learn your trade and can cost as little as a tenner!


There are many hook manufacturers who each name their hooks something different to be unique. How are you supposed to know what hooks are a suitable alternative?

We have combined traditional companies that we all know and love with some of the newer modern companies so you know which hooks are suitable for your flies.

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