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Tag With the hook shank parallel to the tying surface, the tag starts at the barb point and proceeds to the hook point. The tag may consist of several materials such as tinsel and floss.
Tail The fly tail length is 1-1/2 of the hook gape, Height is 1/2 to equal of the hook gape
Tail Veiling The tailing veil length is 1/2 of the tail
Butt The butt typically 3-5 wraps of material: ostrich, pheasant, dubbing, etc.
Body The body runs from the butt to 1 hook-eye length back from the head
Ribbing The rubbing is typically, palmered tinsel or floss; 5 wraps from butt to head
Body Hackle The body hackle is a feather folded over and palmered behind the body ribbing
Main Wing The main wing length is from the head to where the topping & roof meet the tail, not to exceed out of the borders of the two
Roof The roof length is from the head to the tailing, height is approx. equal to 1/2 to 3/4 hook gape
Topping The topping length is from the head to the tip of the tailing, height is approx. equal to one hook gape.
Shoulder(s) The shoulders length is approx 2/3 of main wing, or to the butt
Cheek(s) The cheek length is generally 1/2 of shoulder
Horns The  horns length equal to intersection of topping and tailing
Throat The throat length is just a smidgen longer than the body palmered hackle extending to 1/2 the distance from the hook eye and hook point
Throat Veiling The throat veiling length is max to the length of the throat, sparsely tied
Head The head is evenly tapered and not grossly large. The smaller the better. Finish with gloss coat on thread-based heads.



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