Have you heard that Peacock is now CITES Registered?

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Have you heard that Peacock is now CITES Registered?

Now a protected species it will not be long before an innocent fly tyers or fly fisherman travels through an airport somewhere in the world with their fly tying kit or in their fly box in the form of pheasant tail nymphs and they find the fly fishing or tying equipment confliscated. Seriously like Jungle Cock Peacock is protected and we need to take care.

Highly regarded Fly Tyer Hans Van Klinken, famous for his Klinkhammer fly, is now using Straggle String as a substitute! 

As Hans said on his Facebook page "Now the peacock bird get on the red list of endangered species Straggle String suddenly becomes indispensable as synthetic substitute. It is an awesome material. Here replacing natural peacock herl for synthetic and the results are amazing."

With just 2 core Straggle String is the finest micro chenille in the world for fly tying. Highly versatile tying chenille with subtle UV properties give the impression of life-like movement on flies for thoraxes and bodies. Straggle String can be used simply wrapped around the hook to make amazing czech nymphs, create thoraxes for klinkhammer and other dry flies with this amazing material.

Hans Van Klinken's fly photos using Straggle String

Thank you Hans for sharing these.

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