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Salmon Fly Fishing

Fishing for Salmon fishing offers us one of the pinacles of our fly fishing sport, feeling an Altantic Salomn in the UK or Internationally for Chum or King Salmon ripping line from our reels is a special and extrodinarily exciting feeling. Chasing Silver requires anything from an 8 weight single handed rod to a 15 foot double hander capable of casting large heavy tube flies to drop quickly in rapid water dropping into pools where the salmon are resting waiting to move upstream.


Fly Rods, Reels, Lines & Flies For Salmon

With great tackle, waders and flies we can help make sure that trip is special. With superb gear from Greys and a range fly patterns includng traditional and modern from tube flies to Bombers and classics.

Regardless of where you go fly fishing from Scotland to Russia, Iceland to Canada our team are available to offer help and advice

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