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Everything you need from quality hand tied flies to fly fishing tackle and fly tying supplies. It does not matter what you prefer trout fly fishing, salmon fly fishing, winter grayling fishing or using flies for predators like pike or saltwater species you will find we have a massive range, delivered world-wide with award winning customer service. Stocking a huge range of flies and large stocks always available.  Whatever your preference salmon fishing, UK river fly fishing we can help with tackle advice always available and a dedicated tying materials department with major manufacturers all for speedy delivery worldwide. 

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We offer a mail order or click & collect service only.

Apologies but we are no longer open for customers to browse in store, we can assist customers outside by appointment once arranged by telephone.

Our operating hours are 9am-5pm GMT Monday to Friday.

We do not operate on bank holidays, additional delivery times apply.

Phone - 01757 333003

We ship daily world wide, and can offer advice by email, phone, or video (Facebook, Zoom) by appointment also.

With fly fishing tackle from great suppliers like Greys, Wychwood, Shakespeare, Cortland, Airflo and others you can reset assurred of expert assistance and advice from our team. Having fished world-wide for species as diverse as Trout and Salmon to Golden Mahseer and big game fishing for Marlin and Sailfish our experts are ready to assist you.


UK Fly Fishing Specialists For Flies, Fly Fishing Tackle & Fly Tying

A leading supplier of gear for fly fishermen, deadly fly patterns for rainbow & brown trout,  pike, salmon flies and  fly patterns for every species from our massive selection. We have fly tying materials and tools to satisfy every fly tyers needs. Our range of tackle from Greys to Wychwood, from fly rods, fly flines to waders, specialist fly fishing luggage and all of the accessories needed by fly fishermen with advice as well.

We have won awards for customer service and believe in value and quality. Check our reviews from thousands of customers all around the world. Having delivered to over 50 countries from homes to fishing lodges for that last minute requirement.


Fly Fishing Advice

We are a bit different in that we are specialists who do not just sell - we advise and help. Our team of pro fishermen are here to help you we aim to enhance your fly fishing experience. With free monthly hatch charts telling you what is hatching and how to use to match the hatch. We produce our own range of videos to instruct and help you develop your skills and techniques. Our e-guides have been written on many different topics, delivered instantly to your desktop and we are even developing apps for your mobile phone and tablets!

Featured Products
Black Friday!
Ahrex Cap Flat Brim Patch Camo

Ahrex Cap Flat Brim Patch Camo£24.99

Black Friday!
Metz Cock Saddle Grade 1 Grizzle

Metz Cock Saddle Grade 1 Grizzle£56.00   £53.20  (1)

Semperfli Wire 0.5mm Copper

Semperfli Wire 0.5mm Copper£3.99

Semperfli Flat Fly Tyers Foam 2.5mm Yellow Sunburst

Semperfli Flat Fly Tyers Foam 2.5mm Yellow Sunburst£3.75

Black Friday!
Ahrex HR490G Esmond Drury Tying Treble (Gold Finish) #10

Ahrex HR490G Esmond Drury Tying Treble (Gold Finish) #10£6.95

Semperfli Wire 0.2mm Black

Semperfli Wire 0.2mm Black£3.25  (1)

Black Friday!
Ahrex SA274 Curved Salt #4

Ahrex SA274 Curved Salt #4£6.95

Black Friday!
Metz Cock Saddle Grade 2 Fiery Brown

Metz Cock Saddle Grade 2 Fiery Brown£50.00

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