Which Fly Box?

Which fly box to choose?

As all round anglers here at The Essential Fly we know how important it is for anglers to keep their winning flies safe and sound out of the elements! With this in mind we’ve chosen our top three fly boxes that will have you covered weather you’re a predator, stillwater or river angler!

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A Big Box For Big Flies!

For predator anglers you need to keep your flies in a nice big box so they don’t get all squashed and you can see clearly what you have! We love the Vision Aqua Salt Fly Box! It’s fully waterproof and if you value your flies we recommend you choose this one! Order Here!

An Allrounder!

No messing around with this box! Capable of holding up to 1000 flies. This box comes highly recommended if you fish the larger stillwaters and lakes around the UK! Get Yours Here!

Perfect For River Dries and Nymphs

Designed to offer maximum visibility to anglers with quick access With clear lids on both sides you can see what flies are in your box without the need to open each one individually, saving precious fishing time Unique fast access clip - open and close one handed Clear double sided lids Slotted foam fly retainers Locate flies quickly Tough and durable Holds 250 flies

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