Nymphing For Trout

Nymph Your Way To Success! Don’t struggle this summer!

Use these nymphs to up your catch rate!

Picture this, You’ve arrived at the river to low water there are some fish rising but they are super spooky. These can be technical fish to fool with a stealthy approach. Spooking these fish can result in the pool being disturbed for some time. During this time a good tip is to seek out the faster, rifflly and more oxygenated water. Here, nymphing can be a deadly option!

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Summer Nymphs You Can Bank On!


One Fly Is All It Takes

When using euro nymphing, often the first thing that comes to mind is using 2 or three flies. That isn’t always the case, especially if you’re not comfortable using more than one fly. Often, especially in lower water, using one fly can often be very successful. Casting your fly upstream to let it drift back naturally towards you will often be too irresistible to feeding trout. In deeper water, flies such as Perdigon nymphs, the bullet shaped flies that sink fast can prove all too good!

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Different Indicators, Which Is Your Favourite?

The Thingamabobber Strike Indicator Multicolour (small) is a design in strike indicators that uses revolutionary trapped air technology. Inspired by small balloon that Western guides used to attach to their fly lies to improve buoyancy and sensitivity.

The Airflo Ultra Sight Indicators are an alternate to the standard clear braided loops that are common place in fly fishing. Attach to your floating fly line and you will be able to see the highly visable colours floating on the water from a distance.

Don’t forget your spiders!

It can be easy to forget just how good spider fishing can be, often out fishing any other method when the time and effort goes into fishing them. It’s always worth carrying some spiders in your box! Here are three we’re never without!


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