Fly Tying Materials

The Best Quality Fly Tying Materials For Sale

Top quality materials and hooks for all of your tying needs. Whatever you tie, from small buzzers and nymphs to large streamers or saltwater flies we have matierla for your needs. We have a vast range of tools and materials from companies like Veniard, Semperfli & Marc Petitjean just to name a few. Our vast stocks mean quick delivery. Check the reviews by thousands of satisfied tyers from around the world. See why we are so well regarded.

We supply a vast range of tying materials, tools, hooks and vices. Not only that but we ship world-wide from our fly tying materials UK warehouse - we provide strong support and advice so give us a try! Tying flies in the UK ranges from stunning nymphs and dry flies for natural brownies in pristine streams to blobs and streamers for stocked Rainbow Trout in our many stocked lakes and reservoirs. Alternatively you may be saltwater fly fishing or tying flies for pike or carp. Whatever your preference we stock materials for any type of fly tying.

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