Tie A Quill Cruncher!

Fly tying step by step - quill cruncher 

Tying Crunchers are pretty easy to do! Kit yourself out with these materials to tie up some of these fantastic flies!

Hook - Kamasan B175 #10

Thread - Semperfli Nano Silk 12/0 Black

Tail - Pheasant Tail Natural

Body - Semperfli Perfect Quills Light Olive

Thorax - Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl Black Peacock 2mm

Hackle - Indian Hen

Varnish - Veniard Cellire Varnish

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Tie It!

Follow these simple steps below to tie your own cruncher fly!

1.Place your hook in the vice.

2.Start your tying thread at the eye. Trim tag end away.

3.Create a bed of thread.

4.Take 5-6 Pheasant Tail fibres for the tail.

5.Measure the length to the same as the hook shank.Tie in and trim away waste.

6.Tie in the Perfect Quills from the tip.

7. With your thread, create a taper in which will help form a body for the fly.

8.Wind the quill up the hook in touching turns. Remember to stop back enough for the thorax and hackle to be tied in

9.Take some of the Synthetic Peacock Herl, strip some to the core and tie in, this gives a less bulky look to the fly.

10.Wind the Peacock Herl around to make the thorax.

11.Take your feather, by holding at the tip, create a V shape. This is where you’ll tie it in.

12.Tie in the feather and trim away the waste.

13.With your hackle pliers, grip the stem of the feather & wind around the hook to create the hackle on the fly. around 2 turns will be enough. Secure with thread and trim.

14.Create a head with the thread. Whip finish and add a dab of varnish around the head.

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