River Fishing In November


It’s safe to say we’ve had a lot of rain over the last few weeks! We’re all itching to get out and get our grayling season off to a strong start! With this in mind we want to give you the maximum chance of getting some grayling into your net when the rivers become safe and fishable again!

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Things Change! Be Safe!

It’s very important to take a few minutes to observe the river when you arrive, especially after a big flood! Things can move about! Debris in the river, like big tree logs can change the course of the river so its important to get a feel for the river again to see what’s changed! With this in mind, take care when fishing rivers at all times! We highly recommend using a wading staff, no matter how well you know the river!

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start close and Work Your Way Out!

It’s tempting to jump straight into the juicy water we associate and would typically find grayling. However, After big water grayling will move to the flatter & slower water, here they don’t have to use as much energy as they would in fast water! You might be surprised to hear they can often be very close to you! We recommend fishing the inside seam first before venturing our into the deeper & faster water! You might just find a surprise!

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High & Dirty Water Rig

When fishing rivers that are dropping after a flood they can still be fast and coloured! we have to make sure our flies cut through the water column, so by using three flies we can do this and they’ll be seen by feeding grayling! See our three top fly picks we would have on our cast in these conditions! If you aren’t confident in using three flies you can always add a drop shot to your leader! Point Fly 


Clear Water Rig, Normal River Levels!

In normal river levels, we don’t need to always use the heavy stuff! we can go a little lighter and more natural! look to use flies such as shrimp, hares ear nymphs and even dry flies!



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