Fly Tying Wires

There are many different manufacturers on the market that are offering fly tying wire in varying sizes and colours. Each thickness of wire will have a different application to your fly and create a different effect. Good modern manufacturers wires will be non tarnishing so that once used in the water they will not rust and ruin your fly. Wire sizes matter and with so many fly tying wires for sale what size do you need to use for different flies? We would recommend:

  • 0.1mm fly tying wires for dry flies and small nymphs.
  • 0.2mm fly tying wires for nymphs and buzzers
  • 0.3mm fly tying wires for brassies, copper johns and streamers or lures
  • 0.5mm fly tying wires are used generally for large flies for salmon, pike and saltwater predators.

Copper Wire - used in most aspects of fly fishing there is an application for all thicknesses from delicate dry flies (0.1mm) all the way to big streamers and salties (0.5mm).

Lead Wire - typically used to add considerable weight to the underbody of flies. Most commonly used to Czech Nymph flies.

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Utc Ultra Wire Black Fly Tying Materials

Utc Ultra Wire Black Fly Tying Materials£2.80