Salmon Dry Flies - Salmon Bomber Patterns

Using Salmon Dry Flies

Salmon dry flies can be skated across the water. The Bomber was originally designed as a commotion fly for fishing in the headwaters of the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. It is a Mr. Elmer Smith that takes the credit for the first Bomber – Initially Mr. Smith intended the Bomber to be fished sub-surface, he later thought it to be well suited for dry fly fishing and had various versions of the fly made. Today the Bomber is the number one dry fly for most salmon anglers and it is tied in multiple colors and size, we have this salmon dry fly pattern in green, white and brown

Techniques For Fishing Salmon Dry Flies

Salmon dry flies should be put on a tapered leader and cast upstream. Allow the salmon dry fly to drift downstream naturally. If the flyline starts to get ahead of the salmon dry fly and drag it faster than the natural drift of the current perform an upstream mend flicking he flyline behind the dry fly so that it continues its drift naturally. When it reaches the end of its drift do not retrieve immediately but allow the fly to hang enticingly, often the fly hanging tantilisingly above a salmon is enough to provoke action from the fish.

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