What Are Polyleaders for Fly Fishing?

Airflo PolyleadersAirflo Polyleaders are weighted attachments that connect between the end of the fly line and the leader. They are made in a similar method to a fly line with a a core and coating. Built in is an integrated loop in the thick end, which allows leaders to be rapidly changed according to the conditions and depth at which fish are feeding. Durable with low memory and a built-in shock absorption these can be used with for example a floating fly line to allow it to be fished deeper quickly without the need for swapping the entire fly line. They come in dfferent lengths for trout, salmon and sea trout in 5, 8,10 and 14 foot lengths in various sink rates for different types of fishing.

Airflo Polyleader Sink Rates

Because poly leaders are lightweight they can reduce the amount of tackle you carry while fly fishing.

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