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Trout are currently going bonkers for this fly! The perfect dubbing to tie it too!

There’s a small olive coloured upwing species that despite its tiny size, causes quite a stir with trout on warm summer evenings. We’re talking about the Blue Winged Olive BWO) On rivers and streams across the UK this wee fly is causing quite a stir with trout lining up to grab this in demand meal!

To get the best of any hatch, it’s vital we understand the life cycle of this unassuming insect. After hatching from eggs, miniscule nymphs spend one year beneath the surface developing.

As they grow these nymphs actually moult several times, very much like a snake that sheds its skin. In the life cycle Blue Winged Olives the sub imago is known as the “Dun” and the imago is known as the “Spinner”.

Three BWO Patterns For Your Box!


Come summer months, typically late June through to early September the now ripe nymphs swim to the surface to emerge into a dun (sub imago). You can visualize this as a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. After their maiden flight, newly emerged duns take to the trees to undergo another transformation to the sexually mature adult, known in angling circles as “spinners”.

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The spinner stage of BWOs is short lived, often 24-36 hrs. And mating within that short period, female spinners return to open water to deposit their precious cargo of eggs. Carried on the underside of their abdomen, these egg balls sink to the stream bed, or adhere to nearby vegetation, like submerged reed stems.

Three Spinner Patterns For Your Box!


Tying BWO’s? You Need This Dubbing!

The Semperfli Superfine Dubbing in their BWO shade is a fantastic blend specifically designed for BWO flies! Superfine Dubbing BWO is an ultra-fine 80-micron diameter making it superfine. As a dubbing Superfine Dubbing is soft, breaks easily to create dubbing of any length.

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