Winter Fishing Tips!

Keep Catching This Winter!

Top tips and flies that work!



Prepare Leaders At Home!

We’ve all been there! it’s icy cold and you need to change your whole leader set up!

This can be totally avoided by preparing your leaders the night before a fishing trip! With this you know that your knots are done right and not rushed.

You can easily do this in the warmth, simply pack them away into a leader wallet.


Layer Up!

When fishing in the winter months It’s vital to make sure you’re going to be warm for the duration of your fishing session! By layering up with thin layers that can easily be removed you’re more likely to be comfortable and warm throughout the day!


Keep Your Hands Warm!

By having a pair of fingerless gloves on like these Vision Subzero Gloves.

Vision Fly Fishing's super famous fingerless wool blend fishing gloves are ideal for cold conditions. Casting a fly is nice and easy even if you have gloves on.


Rig Up Two Rods!

Having two rods set up can save valuable fishing time on the bank. By having a rod set up with a floating line and one with a sinking line you can get your flies in the water quickly and efficiently!


Must Have Winter Accessory!

Having a hot drink made up in the Semperfli Stainless Steel Flask will give you the warmth boost you’ll need on a bitterly cold day!

Winter days can be long and activity can be intermittent. Sit back and have a coffee break with the sound of the river in the background!


TEF Top Tip!

If you’re not getting any interest from where you are. Keep on moving it not only keeps you warm but you’re more likely to bump into fish if you move spots and try a new area! That may mean moving to a different beat on the river or a different park of the lake





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