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The idea then is these buggy looking flies represent food to winter Grayling. Most dressings include some sort of hotspot, in the form of a contrasting, or fluorescent collar that’s positioned immediately behind the main thorax.


To achieve maximum depth, it’s vital these flies remain slim and compact, which is where the Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn comes in, to form a tight body on the fly.

Whilst Lead Wire is used for ballast, a little extra weight can be achieved with a wire rib of 0.2mm.

A Shellback adds contrast between the upper and lower body though this is optional.

However the fluorescent thread collar should be compulsory as this acts as a trigger point, especially in more turbid water.

Dark in colour the Mink or Czech Nymph Dubbing thorax should be teased out using a Dubbing Needle to suggest the short stubby legs of a natural.

Hook: Barbless Grub #10-14
Weight: Lead wire
Rib: Semperfli Wire 0.2mm copper
Shellback: Wapsi Thin Skin Plain Grey
Body: Semperfli Dirty Bug Yarn Litchen
Collar: Semperfli Fluoro Brite Orange #7
Thorax: Mink or Czech Nymph Dubbing



Czech Nymph Fishing Tips

Czech Nymphs are most effective when presented on a short, fixed line that’s known as “Czech nymphing” and was popularized some 20 odd years ago here in the UK. 
Aside from approx 2ft of fly line, only a level Fluorocarbon Leader of some 5lb breaking strain & extends beyond the rod tip. 

The idea is to use short, precise casts to search the water immediately in front of you. 

It’s best then that Chestwaders are worn, so you’re able to zig-zag your way across a pool to leave no stone unturned!






For optimum depth, three Czech Nymphs should be arranged 18-inches apart at the business end of a 9ft leader. Keep dropper legs short (no more than 5-inches) to prevent them twisting around the main leader.

After you’re flies have landed upstream, gently lift your rod to take up slack and maintain tension as your flies track back towards you.

It’s shrewd to let them drift past your position and seductively sweep up from the streambed, as this happens to be one of the most effective parts of the cast. 







Downloadable Grayling Guides

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