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Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Threader

Loon Outdoors Ergo Bobbin Threader£9.99

Loon Outdoors Ergo Dubbing Brush

Loon Outdoors Ergo Dubbing Brush£9.99

Marc Petitjean Dubbing Needle

Marc Petitjean Dubbing Needle£10.40

Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3

Marc Petitjean Tool Set #3£245.00

Stonfo Bodkin STF445

Stonfo Bodkin STF445£3.20

Stonfo Curved Dubbing Needle STF693

Stonfo Curved Dubbing Needle STF693£12.50

Stonfo Elite Bodkin / Dubbing Needle STF590

Stonfo Elite Bodkin / Dubbing Needle STF590£12.70

Stonfo Elite Threader STF639

Stonfo Elite Threader STF639£15.50

Stonfo Thread Splitter STF635

Stonfo Thread Splitter STF635£20.90

Stonfo Threader Type 1

Stonfo Threader Type 1£4.20

Bobbin threader with a small hook to grasp the thread.

Stonfo Threader Type 2

Stonfo Threader Type 2£4.20

A traditional wire loop threader with a soft touch handle.

Streamworks Brass Bobbin Threader

Streamworks Brass Bobbin Threader£4.99

Streamworks Brass Bodkin & Half Hitch Tool

Streamworks Brass Bodkin & Half Hitch Tool£4.99

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium

Veniard Brass Hair Stacker Medium£9.00

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard

Veniard Dubbing Needle Standard£2.20

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool

Veniard Dubbing Needle with Half Hitch Tool£2.40

Veniard Dubbing Twister

Veniard Dubbing Twister£5.50

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Threader

Veniard Spigot Bobbin Threader£2.30

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