Salmon & Trout Fly Fishing Breathable Waders

What Are Breathable Waders Made From?

Breathable waders are made from different materials like Supplex, Teflon fabric bonded to other materials often GORE-TEX, and nylon tricot. Every pair of breathable waders uses a material that still breathes when you've treated it to resist water penetration or, if you have material like GORE-TEX, something where the pores of the fabric are too small for water to penetrate, making the fabric waterproof, but still breathable, allowing air in/out. Those fabrics are obviously synthetic. The pores do get blocked with mud and this is oftenthe cause of leaks, follow our care guide to wash the waders.

What Should you look for in Waders?

Key is multiple layers of fabric over areas that get rough treatment, the backside and knees  want 3 or even 4 layers of fabric! Other than that simply comfort and correct fitting. There are many different zip types, from standard to fully waterproof plastic which are on more expensive waders. You want a waist band so that if you fall in not much water ingresses and always wear a life jacket when wading, it is best to always be safe.

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McNett Aquasure

McNett Aquasure£7.99

McNett Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape

McNett Tenacious Sealing & Repair Tape£6.99

Volare Breathable Chest Waders By Leeda / Wychwood

Volare Breathable Chest Waders By Leeda / Wychwood£109.99

Wychwood SDS (Stay Dry System) Gorge Waders

Wychwood SDS (Stay Dry System) Gorge Waders£209.99

Wychwood Source Breathable Waders

Wychwood Source Breathable Waders£179.99


Breathable Fishing Waders Are Highly Flexible

Breathable fly fishing waders are ideal for fishing! With the breathable rip-stop fabric you can fish without getting too hot which on a summers day you will with neoprene waders. In winter however you can layer up with warmer underlayers so that you stay warm in your breathable fishing waders. Indeed in some of our videos you will see Ann in mid winter with 3 under layers layers under her waders...she does get cold even on a summers day ha ha.

When travelling these waders will pack down more tightly than neoprene waders and are less affected by the sun also whereas the neoprene cracks. A good pair of this type of waders will last on average 5 years.

Care of Breathable Fly Fishing Waders

  • The rip stop fabric on your waders does get dirty impregnated when we are fishing and this needs addressing. Wash with a very mild soapy water putting the soap on a sponge and rub in to remove surface soil
  • Hang your waders upside down on the washing line to dry them thoroughly
  • It is worth putting vaseline on stocking foot breathable wader socks to protect them if the waders are being stored for some time.
  • Roll the waders rather than fold them once dry, this avoids getting a crease and any potential damage

Repairing Leaking Waders

Search for pinholes using a small torch flashlight. Hold the torch inside the waders and run the face of it against the material. Dim the lights in the room to observe any small pinholes of light and mark the area with chalk. Using the reverse flow of a hoover inflate the waders slowly not overinflating. Mix a soapy solution of water, and spray it on the outside of the waders and you should see small bubbles will form at the leak in the chalked area. To ensure you have the correct spot now Immerse the waders in a tub of water while they are inflated. The leaks will show themselves as a constant source of bubbles rising up through the water. Dry and mark the spot with chalk again.

Most manufacturers of waders provide kits for the repair of ripped or damaged waders. Use the repair kits for waders where possible. If not you will need to use an adhesive that is water repellent and will immediately stick to the breathable material, Use only adhesives that will not melt or destroy the wader material.




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