Stillwater Fly in Focus

Oozing bags of movement with a degree of sparkle this simple tadpole has been labeled a “blank saver”.  Granted, it might not be an imitative pattern, yet such is its versatility, it’s at home both on floating lines, as well as sinking densities.  At not much over an inch in length, it also bridges the divide between nymphs and full blown lures.



Hook: Kamsan B-175 #10-12

Thread: Semperfli 8/0 black waxed thread

Underbody: Turrall medium lead wire

Tail: Dyed black rabbit

Body: Semperfli black straggle string

Bead: Stonfo 3mm fluorescent green bead

Fishing Tips:

For many anglers the fly works best presented on a floating line with a longish leader.  Better, still, is an Airflo 5ft intermediate or slow sink poly leader with 4ft of Wychwood lure mode 6lb fluorocarbon. With increased mass, such a leader set up not only sinks more readily, but helps penetrate niggling head winds.


Simply cast out and use the “count down” system in 5 second increments until you’ve searched all the water in front of you.  If you experience a take then try and replicate the previous cast, as spring trout can be notorious for holding at a certain depths in a tight shoal.  If no fish are found then move along the bank some 30yrds or so and repeat fan casting.


Unless you’re drifting from a fast moving boat on a reservoir perhaps the best line would be an intermediate (Cortland 444 camo intermediate), or slow sinking density (Cortland 444 type 3 sinker) as these still allow you to explore relatively shallow bays without dredging the bottom.


Because of its mobile tail and weighted underbody this pattern works best with an erratic retrieve.  Short, sharp jerks then are the order of the day with plenty of pauses.  Be mindful though as takes often come on the first short pull following a moments pause.  With that, we recommend you position the rod tip about a foot above the water’s surface so a slightly bowing line acts as a cushion against smash takes.   


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