Fly tying materials designed by Scientists and Fly Fishing Professionals providing a range of unparalleled materials, each one unique and a leader in its own field.

After years of buying fly fishing materials from shops world-wide the team behind Semperfli became disillusioned, either the materials were not satisfactory, the range limited or the range simply did not truly match the colors of naturals. For small flies materials were found to be totally inadequate, fritz materials were found to have core's that were far to large for delicate flies, getting materials like strong, extremely thin tying silks was intermittent with dealers often out of stock. The team decided there was only one thing for it, the start of a year long development of materials that would suit the most enterprising fly tyer or the most experienced river fishermen after small delicate naturals. The result is Semperfli with its' professional fly tying rang based around the Semperfli Colour Cards and colour system shown on the right.

Semperfli Fly Tying Professionals Materials & Accessories - Semperfli brings the discerning fly tyer the materials to realise their dreams.

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Check out Semperfli Nano Silk, the world's thinnest and virtually unbreakable fly tying thread. Just 50 denier this thread can be seen breaking hooks in the vice!