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What Does The Water Say?

Watching the water is the key to a successful days fishing, but how do you understand what it is saying? When feeding Trout's movement will tell you what they are eating. With the colder weather drawing in you will see less of the slash and surface break patterns.

As the season comes to a close the kiss is happening and the bulge will continue, so lets use it to our advantage!

The Kiss


A beautiful sound for anglers, only surpassed by the sound of a fish on your line! Simply the sound of a gentle kiss surrounded by ripples is enough to make our heart sing.
In the last stages of her life the female upwinged fly lies in the water having done her work. The Trout know that she can not fly away and may well take time in taking the spent spinner which is when we hear the kiss.

Watch out for the kiss!

Let your Spinner float on the surface, afterall a dead fly will only drift in the water so make sure your fly does too.

It is vital that your positioning and presentation technique are more important than during the hatching season.
Use a long leader and matching tippet to increase the floatability and natural dead look of your fly.
If your fly is water logged make sure that you have some dessicant to dry it before your next cast.

The Bulge

The Bulge is when the Trout is travelling crosswise on the water (bank to bank), this shows you that they are hunting Buzzers in the middle of the water.

Watch out for the bigger bulges this shows you where the fish come from and not the feeding zone.

Keep a good eye on the bulges, watch the movement and you can estimate the where the Trout will finish their swim and place your fly in the path.
There are some traditional buzzer patterns like the Shipmans Buzzers, which are best roughed up to keep them boyant.
Our personal favourite Buzzers are Sandy's Blank Buster Buzzers, all styles are deadly as many can confirm.

Watch our Buzzer Video for more Buzzer advise.

Understanding Buzzer's

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