New Nano Silk Pro in store

We are so pleased to have this amazing super strong tying thread in store!

Nano Silk is our top selling fly tying thread - no doubt there.  It is available in various sizes to suit all fly tyers needs:

At this level Nano Silk Pro is perfect for your micro, classic salmon, artistic flies or just where you want the thread to disappear.  You can have complete confidence in it as it is so strong even at this incredibly thin size. 

20d 24/0 Nano silk;

  • has all the strength you expect from Nano Silk
  • is 17 times stronger than steel of the same diameter
  • is lighter than water so will float beautifully
  • is fine enough for size 20 to 32 flies whilst retaining its strength
  • is stronger than aramid and carbon fibres
  • comprises of 12 filaments so you can split it further if required!
  • is available in black and white
  • is on white spools to show the difference against other Nano Silk sizes
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