Nano Silk

Nano Silk is regarded as the tying thread choise of professional fly tyers worldwide. Being super strong and available in a vast array of colours and deniers it has endless possabilities and can be used for micro flies all the way up to Big Game flies.

Virtually unbreakable and still capable of being split down for dubbing twists. As Nano Silk lays perfectly flat you get no thread build up.

Please note - Must be used with Ceramic bobbins


Nano Silk Breaking Strain Comparison

We have always said that Nano Silk was strong. If its good enough for a Nasa Project Space Sail, then it must be! But we wanted to be sure so have been working on comparing the breaking strain of Nano Silk with other tying threads. Here is what we found!

Still capable of being spllt down for dubbing twists there is no fly tying materials as strong as Nano Silk anywhere! Veenus 6/0 breaks with just over 1Kg and Uni has a breaking strain of 930g (source Veevus own website this compares to Nano SIlk 6/0 breaking strain of 3.8kg!

Relative Breaking Strains

  30 Denier 50 Denier 100 Denier
  18/0 12/0 6/0
Veevus 430gm   1,000gm
Nano Silk 1,140gm 1,900gm 3,800gm
Nano Silk Strength Comparison i.e. Nano SIlk is 2 to 4 time stronger! 2.7x 3.6x 3.8x

Put simply you can use half the thread thickness of Nano Silk compared to Veevus or other GSP's on the market due to its ultra high density materials without weaking the thread compared to any other thread on the market!


We love Semperfli Nano Silk as a fly tying thread, measuring 12/0 or 50 denier this is an incredibly thin fly tying silk which is virtually unbreakable, so strong that we decided to do a little experiment with this thread. We used size 8 hooks in standard wire gauge from a top hook manufacturer. Twisting Semperfli Nano Silk around the hook, we spun as it is an untwisted thread (meaning it can be split down even smaller if required) around the hook as if we were tying a fly then pulled holding the vice tight. Because we anticipated the results we made sure we were wearing glassed for protection, even Sandy Dickson was surprised at the results! We managed to break the hook 3 times on the trot and had great fun proving that Semperfli Nano is amongst the strongest fly tying silks in the world. We love Semperfli Nano Silk for extra small dry flies as there is no build up from this stunningly thin 12/0 silk (50 denier). When tying large Pike flies we can pull it tighter than any other silk which causes Bucktail to flare out to produce amazing Octopus Pike flies or simple elk hair caddis flies for trout. Check the video above as it shows just how strong Semperfli Nano Silk really is!

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