Lures and streamers

Thursday, 30 July 2020  |  Ann

Lures and streamers are mainly used on lakes, lochs, loughs and reservoirs.  Its fair to say that often they do not resemble any particular fly/insect in the natural world but are more of an attractant to the predator trout.   They trigger the innate nature within the trout with their bright colours, movement, flash or UV built in. 

It is worth thinking about the colours of your lures/streamers especially in different light conditions as you can see in the Blank Buster Nomads and Mohicans as just a couple of examples.  Click through on those fly links to read more and to see what lures are best to use when. On the Blank Buster Nomads the fly names even say which lure to use when eg 'dull day' 'bright day' etc. 

Tight lines everyone

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