Your First Fly Fishing Outing

For the beginning angler, the spring is an exciting moment, but while you make be chomping at the bit to get going take a little while to think about the fly fishing tackle you will need.

A good starter pack could be something like the following:

A five weight, 8 1/2 foot or 9 foot, three or four-piece travel rod with an aluminum or pcv rod tube and cloth rod sack.

A single action reel that will hold 100 yards of backing  and floating fly line.

The best quality line you can afford is a must. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s better to buy a less expensive reel. Start with a weight forward, five weight floating line that matches the rod above.

For leaders, start with a some 4X, 5X, and 6X ones. They should be at least 7 foot, but you may catch more fish with 9 foot leaders. Incidentally, tapered bass leaders are good for trout.

For tippets, get a roll of both 5X and 6X.  Fluorocarbon is a bit more costly, but remember it’s also  invisible.

Try this starter pack of flies: dry (sizes 14, 16, and 18 Adams), and caddis in the same sizes. For early summer nears a couple of ants and hoppers. Nymphs sizes 14, 16, and 18, and a few other items (have a look through our shop stock).

For your general gear, get a fly-fishing vest with big pockets, a fly box, a pair of nippers, some floatant, sunscreen, insect repellant. Caution, keep the repellant away from you fly line, as it could eat through it. Also good ideas are: asmall first aid kit, a pair of forceps to remove the barbless hook easily, a pair of polarized sun glasses, a hat (one with dark green under the bill gives you better visibility). A hat by the way will also stop a flyline and hook hitting you in the face!  And do get some good waders (see our earlier postings about waders).

And remember that we have a one-stop shop for all our fly fishing tackle needs.

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