Warranty FAQ

Manufacturer’s Warranty FAQ

To use the correct name, the Extended Manufacturer’s Warranty is a safety net for the end user that ensures, if a product breaks due to a manufacturing defect, a replacement of an identical or similar product is made available to you. It’s how manufacturers aim to ensure that the you have continuous use of your product with no costs incurred. 

Rod sections

When advising which section please ensure you are accurate as per the manufacturers specifications


Wychwood / Greys / Shakespeare Warranty

The Essential Fly can offer assistance to warranty claims within warranty period.

An email is required to be sent to customerservices@theessentialfly.com

Details in the email must include:

  • Photograph of damage
  • Description of damage and how it happened
  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your contact details
  • Any information you have about when the order was placed (a recipt can be found in your online account order history)

The Essential Fly will send your information onto the manufacturer and they will advise if a warranty claim is authorised and you will be informed by The Essential Fly about the outcome and how the replacement will be issued.

Redington / Vision Warranty

The Essential Fly does not get involved with warranty for these brands. The UK distributor deals directly with these and the information can be found on their website details above.

You will need proof of your order recipt which we can assist you with, or you can also find this online in your account order history.

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