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We all love when that email comes through, but now what? You have to wait to receive it, who knows what delivery service has been used? We at The Essential Fly wanted to let you know how you can track your order and identify which courier has been used!


At the bottom of your email advising you that your order has been dispatched, you will see a single line with the following:

Your unique Tracking Number for this shipment is [reference number here]

See below to identify if your order has been sent via Royal Mail or DHL, and how you can identify tracking information

Tracking website:

Your reference number will be a mixture of letters and numbers


KT123456789GB - Typically this style will be a tracked service, may require a signature dependant on the value of the order.

12345678901234C5B6C78 - Typically this is not a tracked service, however the site should update to advise once it has been delivered.


Tracking website:

Your reference number will be 10 numbers long, often referred to as Waybill number. This is a fully tracked service and will require a signature for the delivery to be completed.

From both the couriers we use, if you have provided us with a correct email address you should receive an email from them advising on delivery updates. However please be advised that this can sometimes be sent to your Junk / Spam mail box.

Please be advised once, your order has been dispatched we are unable to amend the order, or influence the delivery by any means as it has been passed to third party services.


We hope that this helps you to keep an eye on your order once dispatched.

Happy Fishing!

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