The Origins of Fly Fishing: 1

Fly fishing is a fascinating, complex, multi-faceted and rewarding pursuit (or should we call it an art?) Whether you are the occasional hobbyist or completely immersed in the sport, it has something to offer everyone. Besides the skills one needs to develop in order to have any success at all, there is scope to learn associated crafts such as fly-tying, and to develop a wealth of knowledge about geography, entomology, the environment, biology, and much, much more.

A colourful and absorbing part of this gentle art is the world of the artificial fly. The idea that with such simple materials as a pinch of fur and a couple of feathers you can outwit a trout, is something that fascinates fishermen all over the world. But it is more than a clever deception. Done right, you can fool a wild creature into believing that the creation at the end of your leader is a real insect, a potential meal, and worthy of the fish’s attention. Catching fish for food has its origins at least 10,000 years ago. But fishing for sport rather than nutrition was first practised by the ancient Egyptians, as their tomb paintings show. However, the actual origins of artificial lures are not known for certain, and are lost somewhere in the mists of time.

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