Tailless BWO



Tailless BWO Dun

Warm, sunny periods and drought stricken rivers bring daytime fly hatches to a halt on rivers during summer.  All is not lost however, as both insects and trout simply revise their activity to cooler times, namely the evening.  Blue winged olives (BWOs) in particular hatch in profusion throughout summer as dusk approaches.  Granted a single fly many only equate to a size 16 hook, but BWOs have a reputation of appearing in their thousands, which has trout lining up to take advantage.

Whilst it’s not a flashy pattern the Tailless BWO Dun really does come into its own when naturals are hatching.  A conspicuous wing is needed in the fading light, so you can locate your fly, which is where fluorescent antron has the edge

You’ll notice too this pattern has no tailing  filaments.  It’s because the tails on newly emerged duns are stunted, as they haven’t had time to extend yet.  As you can see then, often the simplest of flies can be the most effective!


Tie The BWO Yourself!

Here is the list of materials you need.

Hook: Size 16
Thread: Semperfli 12/0 pale olive classic waxed
Body: Semperfli Kapok or Superfine BWO blend
Thorax: Rabbit/squirrel dubbing
Wing: Semperfli fl chartreuse poly yarn
Hackle: Pale blue dun


Fishing Tips

Due to the process of emerging, newly emerged duns are rendered weak, so they ride the surface motionless in readiness for their maiden flight.  It’s vital then our imitation does exactly the same, by way of drag free drifts.  This is best achieved by introducing slack into our cast so that line, leader and fly have a degree of freedom to conform with surface currents. 
The simplest way to introduce slack is to ever so slightly jerk the rod tip back a couple of inches as your cast unfurls.  The message here, is be “gentle”.  Too much of a jerk will simply see the whole fly line come hurtling back towards you.  We advise you give this a whirl on grass before venturing onto water.
We recommend using longer leaders as these also promote dead drifts. The 12ft Wychwood 6lb ghost mode tapers are perfect.  To this, 4.4lb of Wychwood silk mode can be added, for an overall leader of 16ft.  If you’re not confident with such lengths, then simply reduce the tippet section by a foot, or so.
As mentioned the fluorescent wing post shows up well in poor light, which not only helps us track our fly, so we are confident it behaves like a natural, but we are also able to determine when a trout accepts this humble offering.

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