Superfine Alpaca Dubbing 4 Natural Colours

Sunday, 22 November 2009  |  Admin

Superfine Alpaca Dubbing 4 Natural Colours

Hares Ear, synthetic Antron, you name it we have tried all of the dubbings on the market. However this one surprised us with its quality and makes superb flies. We first found out about Alpaca searching the internet and found references to it in Australia, we searched and came up with our own in 4 natural colours, black, brown, fawn and white. We have kept it natural but you can mix it if you want a glitter effect for stunning dubbing.

Alpaca is a superfine and long stranded dubbing and very easy to work with. Mix it with a little cdc floatant to get superb floating flies. Use for body, winging as a replacement for hares ear or bucktail.

Comes in packs with Brown, Black, Fawn and White in each pack. Check out our Alpaca dubbing here at just £6.50 per pack with all 4 colours.

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