Stig's New Disco Blobs Released

Stig has been busy with her / his flies this year, with his guiding activities all around the UK he gets on most reservoirs and lakes and is able to test his / her flies. This year he has worked on the staple fly of most reservoir anglers, the humble blob! With fluorescent variagated chenille from Holland combined with stunning UV synergy and a hot spot tag of Uni Glo Brite thread these have been deadly flies, now we finally have our stock ready for 2010!

Last year Russell Hill, editor of Trout Fisherman magazine, said: "The blob craze has made trout fishing very easy. They are absolutely caning fish and winning every match. Gone are the days when you hear of a man winning a match with a dry fly or a nymph, because the younger anglers are going to these reservoirs and ripping blobs back at breakneck speed and catching their eight-fish limit in half an hour. There’s a massive debate going on." The technique is real simple, strip the blobs across the water to promote aggressive chasing from trout, when the water is warm this is a deadly technique.

Disco blobs with their intertwined synergy straggle fritz and variegated chenille are really hot. Blobs are known for their catching power stripped rapidly across the lakes and reservoirs.

Disco Blobs come in a range of colours including Disco Blob Bumble (yes black and yellow), Disco Blob Fluro, Disco Blob Olive, Disco Blob Orange, Disco Blob Rust and Disco Blob Tiger. 75p each or in a full Disco Blob Collection with 2 of each fly in an 8 compartment plastic fly box ready to go to the lake for just £10

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