Sites for fly fishing: 2

Last time we spoke about manmade fisheries for fly fishing, but there are times when anglers prefer to access other places, such as natural rivers. Clubs in rural areas often make stretches of their local rivers to visitors. Landowners, pubs, hotels and water authorities may also offer the same service.

In remote areas of Scotland, Wales and Northern England, a surprising number of good trout waters are available at a very low cost, or even free. So it is worth asking local people, when going on your fishing trips further afield, and studying the form. Often all that is required is your courtesy and a commitment to the sport to have those doors opened for you.

Many routes available for enjoyment of excellent stillwaters, too. The way to go about this is to apply to a club that looks after the waters that interest you. It’s inexpensive to join most of them: anywhere between £30 to £200 a year. Some are even less than that. Which only goes to show that fly fishing can not only be one of the most rewarding sports around but, if you ask the right questions, and do your research, one of the cheapest, too.

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