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Fly fishing, like other popular sports, is subject to factors such as cost, location, and so on, all of which can affect an angler’s ability to engage with it. Cost is certainly one issue that can hold some people back, given the perception with some that that fly fishing in the UK is very restricted and expensive. Naturally, in some areas, on the most popular rivers this is the case. But, believe it or not, by far the majority of waters are accessible at very reasonable terms to sensible anglers.

In the UK many fisheries are preserved for members of clubs. This is particularly the case with natural fisheries such as rivers in England and Wales. Manmade lakes have increasingly appeared over the last two decades, enabling new entrants to fly fishing, and relieving the pressure on natural environments.

Many of these stillwater fisheries are superb. They can be set in scenic surroundings and stocked with fish like rainbow trout. Almost all of them can be accessed by visitors with a day ticket. This approach has been so successful that a lot of  So successful has this sector been that many experienced anglers use these customised fisheries for their mainstream sport. Which only goes to show that fly fishing does not have to be out of reach of the average wallet.

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