Single Underhand Cast 2

This is the second fly fishing tutorial on the single underhand cast (please refer back to the previous two postings before you begin).

If you are to make this case really effective you need to combine the forward stroke with a smooth and fast forward haul. This will accelerate the line and make long casts from restricted positions. As you improve with practice you’ll be able to make excellent casts from even awkward places such as under bushes with the rod lower to the side.

It is all about practice, really. You can grab yourself a video on the subject of casting, get a good book or two, but nothing beats working it out for yourself once you understand the basic principles. Even better, if you have a friend, or you know someone who is at a higher level and who has the experience to draw on, why not ask for some advice? Even a few basic tips from an expert angler will take you a long way in fly fishing.

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