Saltwater fly fishing in Louisiana

Next stop in our occasional series on fly fishing around the world: Louisiana, USA. In this area saltwater fly fishing is most often done from a boat. It could be with a shallow draft flats boat, which is used to pursue bonefish, redfish, permit and tarpon in shallow waters. Or you could go for the larger offshore boats to pursue sailfish, tuna, dorado, marlin and other pelagics. Or, you can simply fish from sure, by wading flats for bonefish or redfish or surf fishing for striped bass and other assorted fish.

Most trout fly fishermen need to practice new skills to catch saltwater fish on a fly rod. Fish in the ocean are usually harder to catch. They can be extremely nervy, and much larger that freshwater species. If you are experienced at trout fishing, you need to practice with at least an 8 weight fly rod and cast the line accurately 30–90 feet to stand any chance of success. This is particularly so in the flat areas fishing for bonefish, redfish, permit, tarpon, jacks and more.

Hooks for saltwater flies need to be extremely durable and corrosion resistant. Most saltwater hooks are manufactured with stainless steel, but the strongest if them, while less resistant to corrosion, are made from high-carbon steel. Typically, these fly fishing hooks vary from size number 8 to number 2 for bonefish and smaller nearshore species, and up to sizes 3/0 and 5/0 for the larger offshore species.

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